Care for your buddy !

After a long and difficult day, nothing can compare to the unconditional love you receive from your cute little ball of fur. 

“Black and white,

Tall and short,

Thick and furry,

Fast as wind and

Always in a hurry.”

A healthy pet is a happy pet.

All our pets love going for long walks. Fresh air and walking help improve yours and your dog’s health. So, get on the foot and take your buddy for a nice leisurely walk today, if not now!

Do you know that dogs need sunblock, too? Yes, dogs need sunblock and pets with white fur are more prone to sunburn, When you are out with your  buddy, remember to apply sunblock on your pet ones before you do for yourself.

Maintaining a healthy weight of our pet is as important as ours; neither underweight or overweight. Always prefer going to a vet and speak about the optimal weight range for your pet and how you can keep them healthier.

Do you know that there are meals that you and your dog can actually enjoy together? No? 

Food is an important factor for both of you, enjoying home cooked meals & treats can make a huge difference,healthy pet is one with a good diet and no better way to ensure that your pet is getting all the nutrients. Look for healthy DIY recipes online and find a few that you and your pet can enjoy together.

Be extra mindful about the ingredients in everyday products you use at home and opt for those that support a HEALTHY PET and a healthy HUMAN lifestyle.

As we prefer to live in a healthy environment, they also do! Plants, cleaning products, aerosol sprays are dangerous to your pet. Some of these can make us sick, too, over time! 

Protect them, for, they are the best part of your life<!



Have you ever imagined a world without colors? Won’t it be like living inside a black and white television? Colors have different emotions, it can make you feel happy, sad or relaxed.

Close your eyes and imagine, you are going to dive in a big sea. Think of all the colours that you might find underwater and jump. Open your eyes, there’s clear water all around. You see many coloured coral reefs, fish…… Pick that beautiful white coloured pearl, escape the big black sharks and swim giant green anemone all of them under the same sea. Open your eyes and find the same clarity around you. Observe different colours in every new thing you see, that will make it special and everlasting for you.



Be so HAPPY that when others look at you they become HAPPY TOO!

Who I am what I am

I give you different shade and

I am not the same

Rose is pink,

Tomato is red

With a green crown on the head,

brinjal is purple,

and pumpkins are orange.

I differ, I differ for everyone  

In changing their moods, but

still I don’t remain the same

I mingle, I mingle easily with everything

that you want.

Who I am, what I am.

I am colour